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Blueberry Culture Photographs folder thumbnail.

Blueberry Culture Photographs

This folder contains archival photographs pertaining to Blueberry Culture.
Coming Soon! The Whitesbog Sketch ~ Journal Project folder thumbnail.

Coming Soon! The Whitesbog Sketch ~ Journal Project

Cranberry Labels folder thumbnail.

Cranberry Labels

All of the following labels are farms which sold under the American Cranberry Growers Association, the predecessor of Ocean Spray. Each farm had their own label or "brand", but the Association allowed for a steady market price and a sense of community among the growers.
Holly Haven Inc. folder thumbnail.

Holly Haven Inc.

At the age of 79, Elizabeth C. White set out to establish what would become her final passion project Holly Haven Inc. Her objective was to initiate a rekindled interest in the holly - inviting the public to take advantage of her years of searching and experimenting by including the select species offered for use in home gardens. The American holly was not the sole product of Holly Haven Inc. nursery. Other select species of evergreen shrubs as well as blueberry cultivars, bearberry, and Franklinia were offered.
Janet Robbins Collection folder thumbnail.

Janet Robbins Collection

Janet Robbins served as a faithful Whitesbog volunteer from the late 1980s until her death in 2014. She was an Events Coordinator and regularly recruited new volunteers with her enthusiasm, and love for Whitesbog. Her favorite project was the Suningive garden, as she was a master gardener, and it was her hope to see it brought back to its former glory. The collection contains newspaper clippings and articles on various topics relating to Whitesbog. A Whitesbog Preservation Trust Newsletter dated 3rd quarter 2013 was dedicated to her. Although not part of the "Janet Robbins" collection, a copy of the newsletter is included which provides great insight into Janet as a person, loyal volunteer, and her incredible contributions to Whitesbog.
Pemberton Township Historic Trust folder thumbnail.

Pemberton Township Historic Trust

A collection of items related to the history of Whitesbog found at the Pemberton Historic Trust.
Whitesbog Preservation Trust Newsletter Collection folder thumbnail.

Whitesbog Preservation Trust Newsletter Collection

Whitesbog Preservation Trust Newsletters 1992-- 2020
All Entries folder thumbnail.

All Entries


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Whitesbog Preservation Trust is the caretaker of Whitesbog Historic Village, a small cranberry farming village founded in 1857 


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Whitesbog Preservation Trust (501(c) (3) non profit) is the caretaker of Whitesbog Historic Village, a small cranberry farming village founded in 1857.

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