Virtual Blueberry Festival 

 Historic Whitesbog Village

(Birthplace of the Blueberry)

Summer 2020






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Q: Is there an admission fee?
    • No, it is free to log in online and enjoy the festival from home! Bust out a vintage Blueberry Festival t-shirt and listen to the            great local music! In July we will have events for you to come pick blueberries or pick up pre-ordered flats of fresh local                blueberries and blueberry plants! Pre-order here:

Q: Is there an ATM?
    • Nope.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
    • Yes! Dogs are allowed at the Village, however, we ask that             your dog be leashed while in the historic village.

Q: Parking?
    • Not really an issue with a virtual festival.

Q: What do I do if the Main Entrance is Closed?
    • Again, not likely to be an issue if you are at home on your              couch :)

Q: How do I tune in?  

    • We will post special videos and events through our website,             our Facebook page and         our Instagram page