The Gallery at Whitesbog




The Gallery at Whitesbog is a brand new members gallery space to connect local South Jersey artists with Whitesbog Village's history, buildings and landscape.  Housed in a 1900-era worker's cottage, the renovated three room, cedar-clad building is a light filled-space. Situated in the historic village, it is one of over 20 buildings that have been renovated by the Whitesbog Preservation Trust including a General Store, Barrel Factory and the home of Elizabeth White, Suningive. Surrounded by cranberry bogs and situated in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the setting is beautiful and inspiring .



As a Whitesbog Member, you would be a part of the team, helping shape the gallery, make decisions and helping with promotion.  It will be open to all media: photographers, painters, illustrators, sculptors, etc. and we will have shows connecting with the historical archives of Whitesbog and the physical setting.  We are hoping to especially promote local artists, but also invite artists from far and wide for certain shows and talks. We will start with shows and workshops in the gallery, but in the future we are also looking at installation work and projections in the landscape. If you are interested in teaching a workshop or leading a walk, let us know and we can set up a meeting to brainstorm ideas.



2020 Whitesbog Gallery Shows!

Descriptions and Dates

The​ ​Gallery​ ​at​ ​Whitesbog​ ​Show​ ​Schedule 2020 – Members pay no fee to exhibit up to 3 pieces.  We respectfully suggest a $10 donation for each show from non-members to show up to 2 (two) pieces of work based on Gallery guidelines.  We will accommodate guests in the order of submitted work.  As an added method of fundraising we are now requiring 20% commission to the Whitesbog Historic Trust on any piece sold. All donations benefit Gallery events and provide needed supplies. for future events.   

For further information please contact:  Terry: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 609-412-3394.  


Whitesbog Gallery Show Requirements (Click Here)         

Descriptions and Dates:

“Psychedelic Springtime” April 11 – June 6
- Clouds and skies, earth and life, bright spring greens, colorful flowers, birds returning, leaves sprouting. Color and life emerging everywhere. It’s enough to make your head spin! Mix the excitement and colors of the returning season with vibrant works that interpret your views of Spring. Don’t be fearful of stepping outside the box and experimenting with a riot of color! Make the change of season something to remember.

Drop off: March 28 or April 4 ~ 10 AM - 2 PM General Store/Gallery
Opening: April 6 ~ 12 noon – 3 pm * Reception
Pick-up: June 6 or 7 ~ 10 AM – 2 PM - General Store/Gallery

“BLUE” June 27 – August 29
- The color BLUE is defined in many shades. The light blue of the sky above, the deep blue of the nighttime, the blue-green of the deep blue ocean, indigo blue of denim, crystal blue of a baby’s eyes. And of course, BLUEBERRIES! Where do you see blue in your daily routine and life? How much blue can you express through artistic creativity?
Drop off: June 6, 7, 13 ~ 10 AM – 2 PM - General Store/Gallery
Opening: June 27 & 28 – Whitesbog Annual Blueberry Festival
Pick-up: September 5 ~ 10 AM - 2 PM - General Store/Gallery

“Jewels of the Season” September 19 – Nov 7
-Colorful dancing leaves, big blue skies and bold clouds, tea colored waters, glorified sunsets, foggy mornings. The colors that autumn provides are often referred to as our ‘second spring’. No wonder! Autumn is our time to celebrate and revel in the magnificence of the seasons coming to an end. We celebrate with harvest and food to sustain us through the coming winter. Preparations and thankfulness fill our days and our hearts. Illustrate in your own way the things that provide you with a reason to be thankful. Share it with the world!
Drop off: September 5 or 6 ~ 10 AM – 2 PM General Store/Gallery
Opening: September 19 ~ 12 noon – 3 PM * Reception
Pick-up: November 7 ~ 10 AM – 2 PM General Store/Gallery

“Day is Done, Gone the Sun” Winter Member’s Show - November 16 – March 2020
- This show is an open exhibit for Whitesbog Historic Trust members only. Time to wind down and enjoy a much-needed break from the hectic life and do your best to enjoy the quiet of winter. Pull out a couple of those interesting pieces that you are saving for God-knows-what and display them in the Gallery for members and visitors to see during the Holiday season. All members of Whitesbog are welcome to provide up to 3 pieces of their creative spark to be on display through Dec. 31 and into 2021. It’s also a perfect time for non-members to consider taking the plunge and joining the Whitesbog family for only $15 as a first-time member. You can also surprise an artsy loved one with an gift-membership for 2021 and support a great organization at the same time!
Drop off: November 7 or 14~ 10 AM – 2 PM General Store/Gallery
Opening: November 21 ~ 12 noon – 3 PM
Pick-up: Any time after Christmas