Whitesbog Cranberry & Blueberry Museum

The Barrel Storage Warehouse is home to the Whitesbog Cranberry & Blueberry Museum. It is open to the public during scheduled Village Tours, during the Blueberry Festival in June and by appointment.

 The barrel storage house was designed not only to store barrels but also to accommodate an abundant cranberry harvest. Like the packing and storage building, this extant structure has a railway down its middle and a slatted floor. The large doors seen on the right in the picture above allowed for the rail tracks to connect to the Barrel Factory.

The Cranberry & Blueberry Museum at Whitesbog houses thousands of artifacts, many from the New Jersey Agriculture Museum and many donations from private farms in South Jersey.

It is one story high with concrete foundations, braced heavy-timber construction, and 9-inch tongue-and-groove vertical siding. The gable roof is of standing-seam metal on 7 1/2-inch roofing boards carried by 2 x 8 rafters. The rafters are cross-braced to the opposite row of 4 x 6 columns extending along either side of the railway. Primary access to the building is along its southeast façade, where seven evenly spaced doors are located. The plan is rectangular and measures 32 feet wide by 112 feet long. Windows in the gabled ends are of 6-over-6 double-hung wooden sash.

The Cranberry and Blueberry Museum is an ongoing project at Whitesbog to document the history of New Jersey agriculture, and the people who lived it.


We are always looking for more artifacts for our exibits:

Do you have old blueberry or cranberry farm structures, containers, labels, barrels, crates, pints, carriers, sheds, tractors, or farm trucks at your local Pine Barrens Farm? Whitesbog is looking for artifacts for the Cranberry & Blueberry Museum exhibits! One area will include a partial blueberry packing shed for families to stand under and pack blueberries. Barrels, pints, crates and carriers are great props for educational lessons, field trips and devices like the blueberry topping machine are great learning tools. We are also looking for a tractor to set up outside of the museum, preferably vintage. An old farm truck would be great as well! Contact us about a donation and we can set up a time to come look. Some items such as cranberry crates we do have in abundance already. Donations on exhibit in the museum will include the name of the donor. We are also looking for family/staff photos of local blueberry and cranberry farmers and workers over the years. These can be working photos in the field or group pictures in the landscape. Don't let your history disappear! Contact us at 609-893-4646 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.