“The New Faces of Whitesbog”, is a collection of stories from the people of Whitesbog who are presently working to preserve the past. Stories of the history, stories from our volunteers, campfire stories, scary stories and legends.Stories that relate to innovation, hard work, family, transit, migration, farm life, village life, the Pine Barrens and New Jersey experiences.


This project is very important to the preservation of Whitesbog, in an information society we can not rely on telling the history by in-person tours of Whitesbog only. If we can get this information out to the world, it is an act of preservation, as well as an invitation to visit historic Whitesbog, both virtually and physically. Recording stories of the keepers of Whitesbog history is also critically important as our population ages and memories fade.


Our scholars have vast amounts of information, but other than written materials and seminars, no way to share it to the broader public. Our lead staff will translate the dialog and materials of our senior storytellers, archivists, ecologists, farmers and historians into digital and print formats to be used on multiple platforms, from our website, to Smart Phones, iPads, Social Media, projected presentations, videos, posters, road signs, illustrations, maps, small books as well as exhibits in the gallery and other indoor and outdoor museum spaces throughout the village.